Saturday, 30 May 2009

Track my progress for Edinburgh Marathon Sunday 31st

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click this link and refresh page by pressing F5 every now and then to follow me during the Marathon tomorrow start 0900

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Edinburgh Marathon

Well it has been a relaxing 2 weeks, however I have just got over a bit of an inner thigh niggle which came on after the Marshman. Fully recovered and keen to go for this weekend.

Edinburgh Marathon
From the Profile potentially a fast course, it is one of the fastest marathon courses in the world, however let's not get carried away yet. I am looking to achieve something a lot better than my London Marathon 2007 attempt (which was my 1st marathon ever) 4:20hrs. So the plan is to be approaching it from the angle of good pace, good nutrition and negative splits. Negative splits basically means that as I go through the splits, in this case looking at 13.1miles and then the next half, I run the next split faster. So first 1/2 8:00min/mile, second 1/2 7:30min/mile or better. This will bring me in at half way for 1:44:52hr and then the second 13.1 miles 1:38:19hr. Bringing me home in 3:23hr ish, which I will be very happy with.
Let's see how it goes.................... MY RACE NO. 1947
I will be running my GPS tracker device again so keep an eye out for that on Sunday morning click this link............

Monday, 18 May 2009

Marshman 1/2 Ironman

It was the 1st hosting of the Marshman ½ Ironman, however after many changes to course routes and distances they finally settled on the 1900 m Swim ; 58.4 mile Bike ; 13.2mile run. The Swim was a “z” shape swim in a small pond on the Romney Marshes region. The Bike course was potentially a very fast course being what I thought was flat, however there was some short and sharp climbs throughout the route, also I think the whole country was hit by the high winds today they got up to 40mph gusts, not nice losing control of your bike several times.

The Run, has potential for a fast time not having any hills in it as we ran around the Marshes. Out on a tail wind and then on return for the last 3 miles, you guessed it turn around and hit the gusty 40mph head wind. Also having to cross 4 farm styles, which took a bit of an effort.

Not all that bad personal goals for the day was to run under 1:40hr for my ½ marathon, which was achieved 1:35:59hr. With my Ironman Roth in 8 weeks this was a good time for something like this events. Finished 8th overall and very pleased with times and efforts.

Swim Time Avg. Speed Avg. Pace
00:27:35(12) 4.13km/h 00:14:31 T1 00:02:17

Bike Time
02:44:56(10) 32.74km/h 00:01:50 T2 00:02:28

Run Time
01:35:59(14) 13.13km/h 00:04:34 Overall Time 04:53:16


Friday, 15 May 2009

Aquathon and 999 National Champs

Thursday Night was the first chance to try out the new wetsuit Orca 3.8. Fritton Lake was the location 400m lake swim ans 2.5km run. Very cold water 12 deg C, was 3rd out of the water and 2nd onto the run, finished 2nd overall. Not really up for the sprint stuff these days, hence Ironman training is a lot longer.

999 National Sprint Champs (Friday 12 noon)

750m Swim / 20km Bike / 6km Run (should have been 5km)

Wow never seen so much rain before, it stopped rainy by the start thankfully, even colder water today, well it felt colder. A field of about 140 athletes all from different Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, LifeGuards/Boat, Coastguard)

Awaiting final results online and splits hopefully


The Fire Service pulled off the Top spot winning overall and the top 5 fire service athletes won the team event. I finished top 10, I think I was about 6/7th waiting for overall results.
Travelling to Kent tomorrow for my 1/2 Ironman event on Sunday
1900 meter Swim / 56mile Bike / 13.2 mile run...................................

Monday, 11 May 2009

Suffolk 100 mile Bike

Well yesterday was one of the longest rides I have ever done, so new challenges on fitness and also nutrition use. Things went really well it was not a race it was a fun ride for upto 400 people raising money for Action Medical Research Group.
At mile 15 we had to stop and climb on board a ferry to get to the other side at Felixstow, interesting and different, like I said it is not a race. I had arranged for "support crew" family to meet me at mile 63, which was a good point to have a fuel stop and enjoy the fantastic weather. Getting going was tough after that, but got going and back into my rythyme. Mile 90 was where I started to fall a bit dropped in avg speed to 14mph and just poodled home to finish in 5:34:17hr avg 17.9mph.
Reasonably happy with my efforts, 8 weeks to go and will need to get few more miles into my legs just to get me home for the 112miles of the Ironman bike course.

April Totals

April Totals.............
Swim 5:35 hr 15000 meters (1500 TT 18:47min)
Bike 15:12 hr 249.6 miles 127 bpm HR
Run 9:52 hr 84.5 miles 141 bpm HR (Bungay 1/2 marathon 1:25:20hr)

Definate increase in milage and training time, unfortunately was sick for about 5 days during April. Fantastic 1500 TT swim time 18:47min, Bungay 1/2 marathon was good run felt comfortable and pace was steady.

May Events.
10 May Suffolk 100mile bike ride
14 May Fritton Lake Auquathon (400m swim / 2.5km run)
15 May Emergency Service Sprint Championships (750m swim/20km bike/5km run)
17 May Marshman 1/2 Ironman (1900m swim/56 mile bike/ 13.1 mile run)
31 May Edinburgh Marathon (26.2 miles)

Friday, 8 May 2009

Ironman Simon Tracking

I am doing 100mile bike ride on Sunday in Suffolk, big event fun ride but I am using it as a training ride. You will be able to track me as I am doing the ride on the map below. Feel free to follow on Sunday early start but will be live for 5-6hrs, trying out the new technology. I will only activate it when i am doing long rides or runs.

GPS tracking powered by

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Miglio Jewellery

Thanks to Miglio for sponsoring me and donating money to the Charities. Organised by Nicky Channon (Area Sales Rep) and Miglio HQ. Fantastic Jewellery, take a look at their web site and make some orders for gifts or own purchase.