Monday, 18 May 2009

Marshman 1/2 Ironman

It was the 1st hosting of the Marshman ½ Ironman, however after many changes to course routes and distances they finally settled on the 1900 m Swim ; 58.4 mile Bike ; 13.2mile run. The Swim was a “z” shape swim in a small pond on the Romney Marshes region. The Bike course was potentially a very fast course being what I thought was flat, however there was some short and sharp climbs throughout the route, also I think the whole country was hit by the high winds today they got up to 40mph gusts, not nice losing control of your bike several times.

The Run, has potential for a fast time not having any hills in it as we ran around the Marshes. Out on a tail wind and then on return for the last 3 miles, you guessed it turn around and hit the gusty 40mph head wind. Also having to cross 4 farm styles, which took a bit of an effort.

Not all that bad personal goals for the day was to run under 1:40hr for my ½ marathon, which was achieved 1:35:59hr. With my Ironman Roth in 8 weeks this was a good time for something like this events. Finished 8th overall and very pleased with times and efforts.

Swim Time Avg. Speed Avg. Pace
00:27:35(12) 4.13km/h 00:14:31 T1 00:02:17

Bike Time
02:44:56(10) 32.74km/h 00:01:50 T2 00:02:28

Run Time
01:35:59(14) 13.13km/h 00:04:34 Overall Time 04:53:16


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