Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lake Placid Ironman 2010

On this Monday just gone I managed to get an entry into my first "Ironman" branded race for 2010. I suddenly realised how commercial ironman has become, not only entry fees but accomadation is doubled, you can only qualify for Worlds through "Ironman" races and not any others like K266 races.

Well I'm in and now just have save money, training will commence once again. I am concidering in being taken on by a coach for next season, still in discussion. So my next season goals will be announced in the near future.

Next event:-
Sunday 9th Aug. Great Yarmouth 1/2 Marathon
Sat 22nd Aug. Club relays
Sun 23rd Aug. Nottingham sprint

Monday, 13 July 2009


Well , I am trying to think how it is best to sum up this epic adventure............

It started at 0400, eating breakie was not as difficult as previous races, felt quite relaxed and ready the day. A drive to Roth to pick up the athlete shuttle to Hispoltein (Swim/bike start), managed to get on the last bus which still left 20 athletes standing on the pavement when we departed. Once I had relocated my bike from the night before check in, intacted thankfully, placed bottles and spare tubes and co2 canisters on bike and transition kit sack in bag zone near swim exit, only your helmet allowed on your bike.

Managed to see all 9 other waves start and also the elite men and women exit, the water was calm and the day was starting to warm up as the sun came out. I was up for a good swim aiming for 60min 3800m swim, from the gun start I was off and had clear water with only one other just infront of me. I hit the first bouy turning at 1600m in 22:42min, catching swimmers in the 3 waves ahead, then my right calf cramped and then my left coming into the finish 1:01:23 (1:35/100m).

4 min for transition try to spend not too much time in T1 but made sure I was ready and prepared. Locating my bike was interesting as there were 3000 odd bikes in there, went down the wrong lane first but thanks to the numbering posts at the end of each row I got it ok.

112 miles, 2 lap course, pretty lumpy course, the longest hill was 6 miles long climbing 200m in altitude. Obviously what goes up must come down, so the descents were fast and furious (max speed 45 mph) with harpin bends and straw bails on the bends not too difficult to negotiate just a lot of faith in ur tyres and their tread. Solar Hill was the "tour de france" moutain stage equivalant, with atleast 10,000 spectators only a bikes width apart cheering you on up the hill. What an rush and encouragement can't beat it. Just starting my 2nd lap Norman Stadler the lead elite at the time came past me, he had done 2 laps. I decided to go with him (not draft) and kept him in my sights for the next 10km and then I looped round for my 2 lap and he took off to T2. My nutrition and pace was good through out the bike and was very happy with my time of 5:34hr averaging 20.4mph. Thankfully no punctures or time penalties or accidents, a good ride overall.

Off the bike and picked my T2 sack up into the transition tent to change, or in my case just get running shoes on and a bit of a stretch and walk through feeding station to get some coke and water down me.

The first 11km was good and i was running well at a steady pace, takeing on water and ISO High5 drink, struggling to eat anything and also my gels were makeing me feel sick. I have since learnt that you need to force yourself to take on food and liquids at every station even if you feel sick, keep a fine balance. I covered the first 10km in 58min which was a very comfortable pace to hold. The crowd carried you at the original stages then it became a very lonley straight run along the canal where the only spectators where in the turn round towns and then the feeding station volunteers. I was soon reduced to walk 5 min and then run 10min, but this did not last long. I reached half way 21km in 2:33hr so I knew it was looking at being over a 5hr marathon. Still trying to fast walk/ jog but moving now at 13 min/mile I was determined to finished. Others were reduced to walking around me but there were more running past me. I teamed up with a Germany guy Andreas Dahms, by the finish we had covered life history and motivational conversation with eachother. For the last 2km the sense of adrenalin kicked in and I was determined to run, my heart rate went from 90 bpm upto 170bpm, the finish arena is an amazing mini atheletics 100m loop so walking across the line would not have been very good. Reaching for my Union Jack with 200m to go and enter the arena with it is a feeling not to be missed YES !!!!! marathon 5:39:47 hr

SWIM 3800m 1:01:23
T1 4:21
BIKE 112 miles 5:34:42
T2 7:20
Run 26.2 miles 5:39:47

At the finish line i was approached and acosted by Chrissie Wellington, she recognised the Tri-Anglia kit wow what an houner to meet and talk to her. After the race i went for massage and food not that i ate anything. Got really cold after massage and ended up in medical tent with a drip in my arm to rehydrate and get sugars and salts back into me asap, it really did help.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Now ready to go

Today was a long day, had a 20min swim in the Canal this morning, very warm water. Sun has been out most of the day, a few showers here and there. Came back to hotel for breakfast, none of of the local produce just safe oats, fruit and yoghurt. Will take some trusty Jordans museli to breakie tomorrow.

Drive the bike course was the main task for the day, being a 2 lap 180km bike course we managed to get round atleast 60km of the course. The bit with the short sharp hills in it and one section with a very fast and technical descent, and i mean fast. The hay bails are out on the 4 hairpin bends and just to remember it is 2 laps of all of this. Stopped and had lunch at bakery in afternoon, not bad food nothing special.
This evening I went down to Roth, the Triathlon Expo and purchased some last minute items. Also attened the Pasta party, where i mananged to meet with one of my earlier Triathlon year heroes, the man known as "Hell on Wheels" Thomas Hellriegel. Wow that felt great, inspirering.
This afternoon I had a phone call from Radio Norfolk to give an interview for Drive time, was able to push the justgiving site and the 2 charities a push in the interview.
Tomorrow will be a day of swim in morning and then i am going to take my bike to Roth to try and get the chain and gears cleaned up ( they are all dirty from being on the back of the car travelling down), back for breakfast. Sort kit out and bags for transition, chill relax and then go to Hispoltein Swim start finish/T1/bike start to drop bike and kit bags off for saturday night. Have main meal at lunch and drink water through the day. Dinner will be early and try and chill for wake at 0400 on Sunday.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Finally Arrived

Wednesday was taken up by mostly ferry crossing and then 2hr drive to accomodation in Zevenaar, Holland, for a night stop over in Motel. After a a restless night, and waking at 0300 we finally got on the road again for the 300miles further journey.

Arriving in Roth and deciding to go straight to registration, picked up athlete pack and no.s and free stuff. Walked straight back to the car and di not bother to look at the expo stalls, you could spend £thousands there, will have a look tomorrow. Arrived at Heideck, our accomodation B&B, unloaded the car and went out on the bike for 30min and a 20min run straight after, nice and steady nothing fancy. Felt good comfortable, especially riding on right handside of the road. The roads are very smooth and clear and clean, weather was good today 20C, and looks like it will stay that way until Sunday.

Went out for chinese dinner, not really taking notes of Rob and crew in Nice 2 weeks ago (tummy problems for them ) no gurgling in the stomach yet. Need to go to bed now as tonight I need sleep and might grab some more tomorrow afternoon if not good tonight.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Packing for the road trip

Well today is the day that the long road trip is comencing, dad is enroute to me in Norfolk on train/coach and then we both travel to Carlton Colville to Mike (Father-in-law) for the night. Early ish start tomorrow for the ferry at Harwich 0900 and we stay in Holland tomorrow night Zevenaar. Then Thursday down the rest of the way to Roth, we are staying in a place just south of Roth called Heideck only just under 10miles from race HQ.

I need to start getting kit laid out and going through my race check list mmmmm an endless list that is. Had a quiet night on station last night but woke at 0545, I suppose it is the nerves or excitment starting to take over. Weird because I have done triathlons now for 18 yrs and thought I would be used to it by now. Like I say this is the real thing Ironman and it is spending the day in water, on bike or pounding the streets on the run or is it walk. Positive thinking, Zone, Focus.............

Friday, 3 July 2009

Still ok

Well today is bike run, 30min bike straight onto 1:15hr run both zone 2 hear rate. Nice and steady. The sun is out but cloud cover is cooling things down a bit.

Starting to prepare mentally if you can but also going through race plan; pace , nutrition, clothing, kit, equipment etc. Will pick up race wheels from shop on moday or Tuesday.

This weekend it is the Norwich tri, I am helping out at. Also club member and friend Matt Ellis is racing European champs on Sunday, a few other members are racing Ironman Germany. All the Best Everyone

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

11days to go

Countdown is becoming more and more real now. Swim session tonight at the lake 2000m might do run after see how I feel. The knee is a bit sore, ended up icing it this morning, ok now.

June totals.....
Swim. 16000 meters
Bike 340 miles 20.3hrs
Run. 40 miles. 6hrs