Friday, 14 October 2011

Paradise Tri Training: NICK BALDWIN, Seychelles, 2nd 18-24 Kona Ironman C...

Paradise Tri Training: NICK BALDWIN, Seychelles, 2nd 18-24 Kona Ironman C...: I would like to share Nick's Blog with you, this is coming from a highly motivated and inspirational athlete even at the age of 23. http...

Monday, 4 July 2011

Norwich Sprint Triathlon

Race time again and good to be back, after a steady week of active recovery from Reedham 10km I was keen to and ready to be back and racing again.  Norwich Sprint Triathlon was on the cards on Sunday, 750m Swim, 18km Bike, 5.5km Run

My Swim went really well and managed to find clear water and also pick up the leaders feet early into the swim (12:22min).  Exiting the water down by 20sec I soon clawed this back as I powered through transition in a mere 34seconds, to mount the bike back with the leader.  I struggled to get the bike going as there was a tightness in my gluets, purhaps the after effects of the ITB issues.  Through out the bike I managed to keep a 30sec gap of the leader, to come into T2 2nd place and 3rd was 4min back so comfortably in 2nd. (29:05min)  Once out of T2 I managed to get into reasonable pace running, with the run being off road through woods and 5.5km.  The sun was out and getting warm but once again I like heat.  Not making much gain to 1st the gap pretty much stayed the same with 1st running 8seconds faster than me.  (23:03min).

All in all I was very happy with my performance other than the bike not being being able to role as normal, due to me rather than the bike.  The bike itself was a promo bike from I was asked to ride the Ridley TT/Triathlon Bike, Phaeton T....... full report on bike to come.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Recovery from ITB problems

Well after a long 3 weeks of no running, just a bit of cycling and open water swimming, I have now been able to do 5:30hrs of running whilst away in France for 2 weeks.  A variation of short 30min runs to no longer than 60min, running in woods and on great Western Coastal beaches in France.  Stretching and self-massage has been a daily routine, painful but really beneficial, this stretching and roller massage will continue for a long time on both legs not just the injured one.

On return to UK I entered Reedham 10km road run,  really hot day and a reasonably lumpy course. Looking to go certainly no longer than 40min would be good off rehab work,  I set off at the front of the pack in the first 10 keeping a close eye on 1km pace.
splits per km; 3:44, 3:30, 3:41, 3:58, 3:57, 3:48, 4:00, 4:01, 3:51, 3:57
5km 18:52; 5-10km 19:37       38:29min  really happy with this result 11th overall and a very good well paced.  Cooled down well and stretched after.

Next event is Norwich Triathlon Sprint  Sunday 3rd July 2011

Monday, 6 June 2011

Norwich 50 and Rest Recovery

Name: Norwich 50mile Bike Ride
Date:  5 Jun 2011 8:26 am
Distance: 49.4 miles
Elapsed Time:  2:15:34
Avg Speed:  21.9 mph
Max Speed:  35.7 mph
Avg Pace:  02' 45" per mile

Really pleased with my ride this weekend gone, was able to get out on the TT bike and head down and do some good riding.  The knee was still playing up and now also an effect on the ankle, having to ride with a flat foot so will be reviewing the cleats used on my shoes.

2 weeks rest with a bit of recovery of injury and will also start some conditioning and technique for running, also will be doing some swim base session.  I'm actually on holiday ing France but well deserved with family and hopefully recover on knee issues.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Injury ITB
ITB - iliotibial band syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome – ITB
Definition: Pain and inflammation on the outside of the knee, where the iliotibial band (a muscle on the outside of the thigh) becomes tendinous, and results in a friction syndrome by rubbing against the femur (thigh bone) as it runs alongside the knee joint.

Initially, a dull ache 1-2 kilometres into a run, with pain remaining for the duration of the run. The pain disappears soon after stopping running, later, severe sharp pain which prevents running pain is worse on running downhills, or on cambered surfaces pain may be present when walking up or downstairs.

Local tenderness and inflammation

Anything that causes the leg to bend inwards, stretching the ITB against the femur overpronation (feet rotate too far inward on impact) tightness of the ITB muscle lack of stretching of the ITB incorrect or worn shoes excessive hill running (especially downhills) and running on cambered surfaces overtraining

For  Treatment Methods  go to

Monday, 16 May 2011

It's been a while............

Well it has been a long time since I have updated Blog, main reason has been that I have been developing myself as a Coach rather than an athlete.  However I have not retired from competing, sorry to disapoint my wife.  Where should I start well lets's start where I left off.

I returned from Rwanda, took a bit of hard earned R&R, maybe a little too much.  However as mentioned above I was in full swing of launching Paradise Triathlon Training and had a lot of work to promote the first training camp to Seychelles in early 2011. I am not really going to mention too much about PTT in this Blog as you can view updates on website or Facebook Page Paradise Tri Training FB

Whilst on the Camp I took part in the ECO Healing 1/2 Marathon in Seychelles.  Very warm conditions even though we started at 7am.  The course was one of the toughest courses I have done as it undulated along an out and back coastal road.  I managed to finish in 1:32hr which I was very happy with considering I had very little miles training in my legs.  I finished 7th overall with a sprint finish with 3 other guys.  

Through out the camp I was involved in more of coaching the athletes on the camp then any of my own personal training as it was fro their benefit.  There is a a lot of feedback and things to develop for future camps and training holidays in Seychelles, but they are all positive and a way forward.

On return to UK in March I have been focusing of enjoying the 3 sports of swimming, cycling and running.  By this I mean that I have entered a few events this year that will be challenging but enjoyable. On my return to UK I have done the Bungay Blackdog 1/2 Marathon to which I came home in 1:30hr, not brilliant but once again still able to bring back the sub 1:25hr with a little bit of endurance and speed work.  I have entered the Tour of Wessex 28-30 May, a 3 day Sportif cycle Tour 106 / 117 / 106 miles and then a week later I am doing the Dragon Ride another Sportif ride in Wales 200km.  So been getting a lot of miles in my legs recently and love being on the bike.

Last weekend I raced at Homepierpoint Nottingham, in the Emergency Service Triathlon Championships 2011.  750m Swim, 20km Bike , 5km Run.  I went into this with very little expectations, previous years I have moved up the ranks 7th 2009, 4th in 2010.  The swim was really busy and one of the worst swims I have ever had, almost drowning 3 times, taking on water and goggles were knocked even further into my eye socket.  I exited the water in about 15th place  on 12:03min, really good transition with wetsuit coming of to plan.  Out on the bike, head down and driving hard on out section and then back into head wind as always on this course on the way back,  averaging 25.26 mph for the ride covering the 20km in 29:32min I came into T2 and out onto the run in 1st spot in pack of 5, with two relay teams just ahead.  Running well off the bike for the first 2km, getting into fast cadence and running tall, only one other was able to come with me.  We ran together till the 2.5km mark and he came through and ran a lot better into the head wind to the finish beating me by 15sec (20min 5km).  I was very pleased with efforts and Silver at National Champs.  Awesome 

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Africa Champs and Tour of Rwanda 2010

Have not entered for a few months now so thought I might just paste in some entries from my Facebook page to recap what has been going on .........................

"TTT today at Africa champs Rwanda, very disappointed with my effort I dropped of the back of the team, struggled with altitude 5000ft and heat 35c and the hills. Rwanda is known as country of a 1000 hills. Got rest day tomorrow training at 9 then TT on Friday 33 km very hilly."

"‎33km with 8km hill down and back"
"Feeling a bit better today with a 40km ride in my legs getting ready for TT tomorrow"

"Went a lot better today but still big effort, 21.2miles avg 22mph max speed 51mph (82km/h). Put it this way I was not last today, i caught the guy 1min ahead of me from Uganda. I have realised I am not a hill climber 73kg, most of these guys are 50-60kg, i am the fat boy, but i used that to my advantage on the descent."

"Reckied the road race course at 0900 this morning, wow this course would never be allowed in Europe, 6 speed humps in the 12km loop and some are not humps they are steps and on a descent. 2 sharp corners "steady" and two tough sharp climbs. I will be there on the start line, 150 riders from 22 nations for the Africa Cycling Champs here in Kigali, Rwanda. AFRIca for those that don't know"

"Tour of Rwanda Stage 1 , spent, spanked and eliminated due to cut off time behind winner. I am nakerd check out the climbs on this baby."


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Low mileage High Intensity

With 2010 season being an adventerous one, it has only just begun, Ironman, Crash in Seychelles Tour.  For most athletes living in the UK winter starts and training slows down, not for this year.  Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to go and ride in the Mid Year Tour in Seychelles for the cycling Federation to see how I ride, or should I say crash.  However I have seemed to impressed the Federation to select me to make up the team to go to the Africa Cycling Champs in Kigali, Rwanda.  10 Nov Team Time Trial, 12 Nov Individual TT and 14th Nov Road Race.  This is an amazing opportunity to add to my sporting CV and also to represent my country at a high level of sporting event.  Trying to travel with a bike on airlines is costly enough but with me taking TT bike and road bike I await for the bill or sponsorship from Kenyan Airways.

Only a week ago I received a text message from the Seychelles Team Manager asking me if I was available to stay on in Rwanda for the Tour of Rwanda to ride in a team of 6 riders from Seychelles.  Once again an opportunity very difficult to decline, however with a 9 stage tour being on the back end of the Africa Champs family are starting to miss me already.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Round Norfolk Relay & Debut for Seychelles

Racing has slowed down and training is starting to tick over on a low level.  At the begining of every season I look through the race calender and start booking them but the Round Norfolk Relay is an event that I just have to enter and be a team member of Tri-Anglia's relay Team.  With me only being available after work from 6pm onwards I was put down for Stage 11, 14.64 miles start time approximately 10:22pm.  Yes that was pm, the RNR is a 24hr run relay from Kings Lyn round coastal route to Great Yarmouth and then down to Thetford and back across to Kings Lyn  a total of 196miles.

Obviously dark when I started, followed by support crew in a car with amber light and high viz vest on me.  A good steady start with just the dark loanly road ahead until about 2 miles in I sighted an amber flashing light in the distance.  Focused on this and determined to catch the team ahead I started to run them down.  It did start to get a bit cold in the open areas but I soon made endsway on the 14.64 miles.  My target pace was 7min/mile  however I came in to finish with a pace of 6:44 min/mile  Very pleased with my efforts and a big thank you to Dave Lines and Mark Philo for supporting.

I have now been given the knod from Seychelles, in reference to the Seychelles National Cycling Team.  I have been selected to go to African Cycling Championships in Rwanda 10-14 November 2010.  I will be taking part in the Team Time Trial 10th Nov, Individual Time Trial 12th Nov and the Road Race 14th Nov.  I am hoping to be flying direct to Rwanda to meet up with the rest of the Sey squad.  This is my debut for Seychelles and am very excited, however just a few concerns on the organisation of the team and flight details as things are done at last minute most of the time.  I am awaiting for the Sey Team to return from Commenwealth Games and then I will get more details on this.  It will be tough to continue training in UK as rain and cold is on its way, however the turbo will be used quite a bit I guess.