Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bury 20 mile Run

Well it is now the end of Week 5. Things have been going smoothly, today was the test for my knees to hold up for some serious mileage in running. I took part in the Bury St Edmunds 20 mile run

Finished in 2:23:05 hr 41st / 351 finishers
Average HR 157 bpm
Average pace 7:05min per mile

Pictures from Bury 20m run.........

Very happy with the result and was able to keep an eye on my HR, adjusting pace and effort. Used a new Fuel Belt which had gels held in little bottles, good easy concept and easy to use.

Knees have held out but a bit sore after that. My next event is Bungay 1/2 marathon 19th April then Suffolk 100m bike ride 10th May. I am looking at doing a 1/2 Ironman (70.3) on 17th May but not sure if I can get cover for work .

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Reedham 10mile run

1st February was the Reedham 10m run, cold conditions but the sunny and clear skies. Very happy with my results as I kept a steady pace and also steady heart rate. Finished in 1:09:54 (33rd out of 226)

You can just make me out in the picture 2nd from the left black hat, leggings and red top.

Avg HR 159 bpm and Average pace 6:59 min / mile

Thursday, 5 February 2009

January Totals

January 1st - 31st
Swimming 4:18hr 4.7 miles (1500m TT 23:49min)
Running 2:50hr 20.2 miles 145 bpm H/R (Reedham 10 mile 1:09:54hr)
Cycling 9:42 hr 150 miles 129bpm H/R

December 1st- 31st
Running 1:52 hr 11.9 miles 136bpm H/R
Cycling 2 hr Turbo sessions

November 1st-30th
Running 5:42hr 42.9 miles 148bpm H/R
Cycling 6:27hr 102.9 miles 135bpm H/R

October 1st-31st
Running 4:20hr 32.3 miles 146bpm H/R
Cycling 4:11hr 70.6 miles 140bpm H/R