Sunday, 19 October 2008

Coventry 1/2 Marathon 13.2 miles

Very happy with today's 1/2, 1:42hr, avg 7:45min/mile. Avg 150 beats /min HR

Ran most of it with an steady incriment on my heart rate, finished fresh and would be happy to run again. Not bothered with the position as i finished 348 place, have done 1:21hr for 1/2 before and PB is 1:19hr so big difference but i achieved what i wanted to do out of it.

Right knee a bit bruised but happy and relxed.

Thanks Colin Durrant for running with me and putting up with my chatt.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Well money coming in slowly, managed to get Press releases. Norwich Evening News did a full page spread, fantastic, hope this brings in the money.
Will be doing Live interview with Radio Norfolk, "Drive Time" on Mon 13th October at 4pm ish, just after.
Did a Speed/Stride session today for 7miles. Got into a good rhythm, concentrated on stride pattern, driving forward and pushing right back, lifting up a relaxed foot on recovery. This was done on Great Yarmouth Promanade, so flat and easy to stride. Conditions were warm and tail wind on the way out head wind coming back.
1 Week Sunday to Coventry Lady Godiva 1/2 Marathon, looking for 2hrs exact, running with an old Race Team member (Juke Box Cycling Team) Colin Durrant, and some old friends from 5-a-side Footy from Coventry.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Very cold today 6 deg C, went out on the bike at 0900, met up with Tri-Anglia riders at UEA and then we went out got 2hrs on the bike. It was cold and I'm sure it will get colder this Winter, oh well just have to pedal faster.
  • 2:07hr
  • 34.4 miles
  • 16.6 mph (28.5 km/h) avg speed

Friday, 3 October 2008

Not in for London

Well got my answer finally in the post, I am not in London Marathon, very disappointed. I will now be entering Edinburgh Marathon 31st May 2009.

Early days on the sponsorship, nothing yet but hey it is just getting the adverts out there to people. Will be pushing forms around fire stations at work, normally a good reply on them from previous experience.
Picture shot when i wasn't ready, 2008 open water training Whittlingham Lake Norwich. Will be back in there next year before ironman.

Off on bike session tomorrow for couple of hours, hope weather will be good.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October 2009

Today is the launch of my Blog and the "Just Giving" Web sites for Ironman Simon. It is a long way to go until the 12th July 2009, but i am getting the administration out of the way first. My official Ironman Training will commence in January 2009 on a 24 week Training programme.

What does it consist of; The Ironman Triathlon distance is the same Worldwide, consisting of

Swimming 3,800 meters
Cycling 180 kilometers
Running 42.195 kilometers

With the fastest times coming in around the 9 hour mark, i have boldly put down 13hrs as this is my first ever Ironman distance.

There is a lot more to an Ironman than just swim, bike and run. The training is not to be taken lightly, also during the event "nutrition" is a must, you get the nutrition wrong and could mean DNF (Did Not Finish) being on the results list as well as a ride in the ambulance.

I am currently working on slowing my efforts right down and realising that a 29 yr old wippet is not going to get me round the course, so currently I am just ticking over averaging about 20 miles a week running and 2-3 hrs on the bike. My swimming will pick up over the winter.

Completed training sessions will be added to my Blog so check back and see how i am progressing towards my goal. London marathon is a target for early next yr waiting to see if i am in or not.

Got Coventry 1/2 marathon on 19th October 2008 as my next event then 30th November 2008 Norwich 1/2 Marathon

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