Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October 2009

Today is the launch of my Blog and the "Just Giving" Web sites for Ironman Simon. It is a long way to go until the 12th July 2009, but i am getting the administration out of the way first. My official Ironman Training will commence in January 2009 on a 24 week Training programme.

What does it consist of; The Ironman Triathlon distance is the same Worldwide, consisting of

Swimming 3,800 meters
Cycling 180 kilometers
Running 42.195 kilometers

With the fastest times coming in around the 9 hour mark, i have boldly put down 13hrs as this is my first ever Ironman distance.

There is a lot more to an Ironman than just swim, bike and run. The training is not to be taken lightly, also during the event "nutrition" is a must, you get the nutrition wrong and could mean DNF (Did Not Finish) being on the results list as well as a ride in the ambulance.

I am currently working on slowing my efforts right down and realising that a 29 yr old wippet is not going to get me round the course, so currently I am just ticking over averaging about 20 miles a week running and 2-3 hrs on the bike. My swimming will pick up over the winter.

Completed training sessions will be added to my Blog so check back and see how i am progressing towards my goal. London marathon is a target for early next yr waiting to see if i am in or not.

Got Coventry 1/2 marathon on 19th October 2008 as my next event then 30th November 2008 Norwich 1/2 Marathon

Check back

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