Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nottingham Weekend

Well it was good to be back at Nottingham again for National Relays, but for the first time I was not going to race in my club colours or relay team. I offered my services to any team that had had someone drop out at last minute. With which I gained a slot in the Lincoln Relay Team and raced Saturday afternoon. 400m swim, 15km bike and 5 km run. The format for the relays is that 4 in a team everyone completes the swim one after the the other then back to no.1 in the team to bike which everyone does after eachother and so on for the run. Takeing upto 3-4hrs for the quicker teams. I was pleased with my performance concidering I still had Ironman "speed" in my body;
SWIM 7:02 min
BIKE 22:55min
RUN 19:54min
Then on Sunday I was entered into the Sprint Triathlon which was an individual effort not team and a a bit longer than saturdays event. 750m swim/20km bike/5km run.

I felt really sluggish in the swim and did not get into it very well, once on the bike and back into the TT world I pulled out a very pleasing effort and averaged 23.5 mph, there was a strong head wind on the back straight of the loop and it was a 4 lap course. My transition T2 went smooth and was soon off and running at good trunover on leg speed running down 3 people for the run and no one overtaking me 6:41/mile.
SWIM 11:35 min
BIKE 31:41 min
RUN 20:47 min

TOTAL 1:05:40 hr
Finished 13th out of 315 overall very pleased with efforts and wanting to get back into training already.

This weekend is my last weekend in completing my Tutor and Assessors course in Triathlon Coaching. I have been taken on by British Triathlon and now part of the Coaching Workforce for BTF in the UK. Training and assessing future coaches at Club level through out the year and on. I also finally completed and sent off my porfolio for Level 2 Club Coach in Triathlon, so expect to be signed off and qualified any day soon.

On Monday I am still tied up in South England with my new coach Rick Kiddle. I have my induction day with Rick and as a result he will be comprising a training programme around my time, family life, work life and also targeting my "Goals" which one is for Ironman Lake Placid as I am entered and looking to take a chunk of a time off my Roth time certainly Sub 11hrs.

Rick has certainly got a history behind him as an Elite Athlete in the World. Ex British triathlon Champion Rick Kiddle competed as an elite athlete worldwide. He has used this combination of 20 years competition experience along with 15 years coaching knowledge to create sought after, successful and innovative training programmes that will help novice and elite athletes to train and race for the results they seek. I'm all yours Rick.

Monday, 17 August 2009

On the road again

This week we will be going to Nottingham, for the National Club Relay Champs Saturday and the Nottingham Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. However for the first time in ages I am not in a Relay team as Tri-Anglia has was to late for a team to be entered. SO I AM AVAILABLE TO ANY CLUB NEEDING ONE MORE.

I am however entered into the Sunday Sprint Tri, haveing raced on this course earlier this year at the 999 Emergency Services Champs. I am not Sprint race fit but will give it a good go and it will be nice to be back in triathlons since Ironman.

10:05 750m Swim ; 29:19 20km Bike ; 22:52 6km Run, times from 999 race longer run.

I say "we" are going to Nottingham, Nicola and Joel are coming aswell and we have been kindly lent the in-laws caravan. We go Thursday and have a few days chilling out.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Good Result

Very pleased with my efforts for the weekend Sunday, had a busy 2 nights on duty so was not very fresh for Sunday morning. Decided to just go out with the leaders on the day and see how my heart rate went in the first few miles, then settled down to just under 170bpm and maintained a good pace. Reached mile 8 and then started to pick the effort up and took heart rate to 170bpm was split at around 6:40 min/mile, at mile 11 I easead off and just slowed it down to bring it home, jogging across the line in total time of
1:26:04 hr pace of 6:33min / mile.

I have been running 1:25 all season for my 1/2 marathons, so very happy with time and effort as I could ease off for the last mile. Finished 8th overall out of 196, but not to concerned about placing more on the time which is GOOD........... Top 3 finishers of Tri-Anglia resulted in us winning 1st Team prize.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Great Yarmouth 1/2

Well I have been off training for 3 weeks now, rest and recovery, also having quality family time. Ran 7 miles on Monday legs felt heavy and well worked for the session. Biked to work 3 times 48 miles in total this week.

On duty tonight and have Great Yarmouth 1/2 marathon tomorrow looking to just get round nothing fancy. Need to keep an eye ony right foot/ankle ligaments or tendons tight. Let's see how we get on.

Have got Nottingham sprint tri on Sunday 22nd. August soon so need to do some training.