Monday, 10 August 2009

Good Result

Very pleased with my efforts for the weekend Sunday, had a busy 2 nights on duty so was not very fresh for Sunday morning. Decided to just go out with the leaders on the day and see how my heart rate went in the first few miles, then settled down to just under 170bpm and maintained a good pace. Reached mile 8 and then started to pick the effort up and took heart rate to 170bpm was split at around 6:40 min/mile, at mile 11 I easead off and just slowed it down to bring it home, jogging across the line in total time of
1:26:04 hr pace of 6:33min / mile.

I have been running 1:25 all season for my 1/2 marathons, so very happy with time and effort as I could ease off for the last mile. Finished 8th overall out of 196, but not to concerned about placing more on the time which is GOOD........... Top 3 finishers of Tri-Anglia resulted in us winning 1st Team prize.

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