Tuesday, 25 May 2010

25th May 2010

Sponsorship Reynolds Wheels
I have recently been in contact with the UK Rep for Reynolds Wheels and they have agreed to offer me sponsorship for the season.  I will riding two different wheels which I can vary on the rear.
Well I have started to be very busy with races under way now for 2010.

999 Emergency Service Sprint Tri Champs
Very cold water conditions caused the swim to be reduced from 750m to 500m swim thankfully, however the sun was shining.  Swim went ok I guess could have been better came out the water in in 32nd position 7:45min   40seconds down on the leaders.  With a head wind on the back straight for the bike and tail going out  I soon got into rythym and a very pleasing ride for the 20km in 29:32min (avg 25.24mph)  and heading out onto the run in 7th place.  Chasing down and running very well managed to bring in 3 others to finish a 19min  5km run and in 4th place overall.      

Coventry 1/2 Marathon
Wow what a scorcher  27C and also a fast day for me.  Really pleased with my performance and was able to run 1:23:33hr   6:22min/mile.  My quads were starting to tighten up in the last 2 miles,  being chased down I pressed on and was able to hold a 6:25 and 6:49 min mile for mile 12 & 13.  Finishing 14th out of 2200 entrances and 1900 finishes for the day.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Suffolk 50mile Ride

There is me thinking the weather is going to be getting better, turned up to Woodbridge Bike event in Suffolk on Sunday.  Decided to change to the 100km route rather than the 100m, but due to signage being moved I ended up doing only 50miles.  Used my QR TT bike and felt very comfortable and was able to maintain an average speed of 20.1mph, finishing in 2:30hr.  Got back to the car wet and cold, and managed to get changed and drag my self off for a 6mile run.  Very happy with my motivation to do brick session and through the run i ran out of drink and had no gels with me.  Felt like I had done an Ironman, far from it.

Last week I did my first 10mTT Kettringham,  25:02min,  lumpy course but pleased with first TT of the Year.  I also took part in the Ixworth Criterium racing, different sort of racing and hard and fast miss the front row from the grid and you will be left behind.  800meter loop ride for 20min then 5laps.  Hard, did I say that already.

Trying to sort out a new Road racing bike as my training Felt is good for training and started to wear, but need something lighter and faster for road races.