Thursday, 30 December 2010

Africa Champs and Tour of Rwanda 2010

Have not entered for a few months now so thought I might just paste in some entries from my Facebook page to recap what has been going on .........................

"TTT today at Africa champs Rwanda, very disappointed with my effort I dropped of the back of the team, struggled with altitude 5000ft and heat 35c and the hills. Rwanda is known as country of a 1000 hills. Got rest day tomorrow training at 9 then TT on Friday 33 km very hilly."

"‎33km with 8km hill down and back"
"Feeling a bit better today with a 40km ride in my legs getting ready for TT tomorrow"

"Went a lot better today but still big effort, 21.2miles avg 22mph max speed 51mph (82km/h). Put it this way I was not last today, i caught the guy 1min ahead of me from Uganda. I have realised I am not a hill climber 73kg, most of these guys are 50-60kg, i am the fat boy, but i used that to my advantage on the descent."

"Reckied the road race course at 0900 this morning, wow this course would never be allowed in Europe, 6 speed humps in the 12km loop and some are not humps they are steps and on a descent. 2 sharp corners "steady" and two tough sharp climbs. I will be there on the start line, 150 riders from 22 nations for the Africa Cycling Champs here in Kigali, Rwanda. AFRIca for those that don't know"

"Tour of Rwanda Stage 1 , spent, spanked and eliminated due to cut off time behind winner. I am nakerd check out the climbs on this baby."