Monday, 4 July 2011

Norwich Sprint Triathlon

Race time again and good to be back, after a steady week of active recovery from Reedham 10km I was keen to and ready to be back and racing again.  Norwich Sprint Triathlon was on the cards on Sunday, 750m Swim, 18km Bike, 5.5km Run

My Swim went really well and managed to find clear water and also pick up the leaders feet early into the swim (12:22min).  Exiting the water down by 20sec I soon clawed this back as I powered through transition in a mere 34seconds, to mount the bike back with the leader.  I struggled to get the bike going as there was a tightness in my gluets, purhaps the after effects of the ITB issues.  Through out the bike I managed to keep a 30sec gap of the leader, to come into T2 2nd place and 3rd was 4min back so comfortably in 2nd. (29:05min)  Once out of T2 I managed to get into reasonable pace running, with the run being off road through woods and 5.5km.  The sun was out and getting warm but once again I like heat.  Not making much gain to 1st the gap pretty much stayed the same with 1st running 8seconds faster than me.  (23:03min).

All in all I was very happy with my performance other than the bike not being being able to role as normal, due to me rather than the bike.  The bike itself was a promo bike from I was asked to ride the Ridley TT/Triathlon Bike, Phaeton T....... full report on bike to come.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Recovery from ITB problems

Well after a long 3 weeks of no running, just a bit of cycling and open water swimming, I have now been able to do 5:30hrs of running whilst away in France for 2 weeks.  A variation of short 30min runs to no longer than 60min, running in woods and on great Western Coastal beaches in France.  Stretching and self-massage has been a daily routine, painful but really beneficial, this stretching and roller massage will continue for a long time on both legs not just the injured one.

On return to UK I entered Reedham 10km road run,  really hot day and a reasonably lumpy course. Looking to go certainly no longer than 40min would be good off rehab work,  I set off at the front of the pack in the first 10 keeping a close eye on 1km pace.
splits per km; 3:44, 3:30, 3:41, 3:58, 3:57, 3:48, 4:00, 4:01, 3:51, 3:57
5km 18:52; 5-10km 19:37       38:29min  really happy with this result 11th overall and a very good well paced.  Cooled down well and stretched after.

Next event is Norwich Triathlon Sprint  Sunday 3rd July 2011