Thursday, 15 April 2010

Monthly Totals

My Totals for the past 28 Days :-

SWIM  - 24,000 m      10 hrs
BIKE    - 430 miles      23 hrs
RUN     - 69 miles        10 hrs

RACING - Duathlon  2.2m Run/ 25m bike / 4.4m       1:50 hr

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Warm Weather Welcome

Temperatures have started to increase in the UK, sun is shining but still rain loomes every now and then.  The past few weeks haver entailed an average of 7-9 hrs training mainly bike sessions.  However my running pace is becoming comfortable and relaxed, working on running under the body, upright, not overstriding, mid-fore foot striking and a rythmic cadence of 90-95/min.

Yesterdays run was 13.8 miles, the time does not really matter, it is more about looking at my Heart Rate and which was an average of 144bpm  I finished fresh and was even able to run the last 2 miles at an increased pace.  The majority of my run was 7-8 min/mile pace,  looking at maintaining this for another 13 miles.  Possible !!!  It is all about the initial pace from off the bike, find your feet slow and steady,  maintain a relaxed style and comfortable for the first 10miles.  Then the next 10miles will require concentration to maintain good body position, foot strike, relaxed upper body, nutrition and bring it home.