Saturday, 29 November 2008

Norwich 1/2 Marathon

Eve of the Norwich 1/2, recovered from a busy night shift on Friday morning 0300, caught up on sleep and ready for start tomorrow. 11 am start at the Show Grounds Norwich Norfolk. During the past week I have recovered fully from sickness last weekend, done 3 sessions in the gym at Station.

  1. Weights on Arms

  2. Weights on legs

  3. X-trainer session 45 mins

Lets see how it goes, will let you know results. Finally I am entered into the Edinburgh Marathon 31st May 2009.

Monday, 24 November 2008

1st Sick Hurdle

Well I was supposed to take part in a Running relay Peterborough way, but 3am Sunday morning vomitting and the "runs". I ask "How many more sessions of this will there be?" and i have not even started my 24wk programme. Also I have lost 11lbs in body weight in the past 3 weeks no thanks to the weekend.
Norwich Half Marathon Sunday this week, hoping to use it as a TT (time trial) looking in the region of under 1:30hr at the worst.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Direct Ferries, Sponsors
Fantastic NEWS, hot off the press. I have just had a phone call from Direct Ferries, saying that they are willing to sponsor me by supplying free ferry crossing Harwich - Hook of Holland. A very big thank you to Rebecca for all her hard work in pushing this through her management team.

If you wish to assist in the form of Corporate sponsorship, contact Simon

Thursday, 13 November 2008

October 2009 Totals

October 1st-31st
Running 4:20hr 32.3 miles 146bpm H/R
Cycling 4:11hr 70.6 miles 140bpm H/R

Nothing fancy just foundation work November is picking up already exceeding Oct's totals

I'm not sure where i will fit this training session into my programme, benefit to me for Ironman well swim start "washing machine" indeed....................

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Training to Date

Well things are ticking over well at the moment, unfortunately I had 2 really busy night on duty this week Sun and Mon night (flat fire and building fire). I managed to get a Turbo session done on Sun morning and also a run on Mon between shifts.

Sunday Turbo Session
70min session

  • Warm up 15 min

Main Set: 3x3min as ; 20sec fast spin, 40sec easy, 40sec f/spin, 20sec easy, 1min f/spin, 1min easy

6x3min as; 3x (45 sec at >100rpm) 15sec <100rpm)>

2min easy spin after each 3min interval

  • Cool Down 10mins

Monday Run

9.6 miles; 1hr 30min; 127bpm HR; 9.45min/mile Good run and very happy