Thursday, 6 November 2008

Training to Date

Well things are ticking over well at the moment, unfortunately I had 2 really busy night on duty this week Sun and Mon night (flat fire and building fire). I managed to get a Turbo session done on Sun morning and also a run on Mon between shifts.

Sunday Turbo Session
70min session

  • Warm up 15 min

Main Set: 3x3min as ; 20sec fast spin, 40sec easy, 40sec f/spin, 20sec easy, 1min f/spin, 1min easy

6x3min as; 3x (45 sec at >100rpm) 15sec <100rpm)>

2min easy spin after each 3min interval

  • Cool Down 10mins

Monday Run

9.6 miles; 1hr 30min; 127bpm HR; 9.45min/mile Good run and very happy

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