Monday, 27 September 2010

Round Norfolk Relay & Debut for Seychelles

Racing has slowed down and training is starting to tick over on a low level.  At the begining of every season I look through the race calender and start booking them but the Round Norfolk Relay is an event that I just have to enter and be a team member of Tri-Anglia's relay Team.  With me only being available after work from 6pm onwards I was put down for Stage 11, 14.64 miles start time approximately 10:22pm.  Yes that was pm, the RNR is a 24hr run relay from Kings Lyn round coastal route to Great Yarmouth and then down to Thetford and back across to Kings Lyn  a total of 196miles.

Obviously dark when I started, followed by support crew in a car with amber light and high viz vest on me.  A good steady start with just the dark loanly road ahead until about 2 miles in I sighted an amber flashing light in the distance.  Focused on this and determined to catch the team ahead I started to run them down.  It did start to get a bit cold in the open areas but I soon made endsway on the 14.64 miles.  My target pace was 7min/mile  however I came in to finish with a pace of 6:44 min/mile  Very pleased with my efforts and a big thank you to Dave Lines and Mark Philo for supporting.

I have now been given the knod from Seychelles, in reference to the Seychelles National Cycling Team.  I have been selected to go to African Cycling Championships in Rwanda 10-14 November 2010.  I will be taking part in the Team Time Trial 10th Nov, Individual Time Trial 12th Nov and the Road Race 14th Nov.  I am hoping to be flying direct to Rwanda to meet up with the rest of the Sey squad.  This is my debut for Seychelles and am very excited, however just a few concerns on the organisation of the team and flight details as things are done at last minute most of the time.  I am awaiting for the Sey Team to return from Commenwealth Games and then I will get more details on this.  It will be tough to continue training in UK as rain and cold is on its way, however the turbo will be used quite a bit I guess.