Friday, 10 October 2008

Well money coming in slowly, managed to get Press releases. Norwich Evening News did a full page spread, fantastic, hope this brings in the money.
Will be doing Live interview with Radio Norfolk, "Drive Time" on Mon 13th October at 4pm ish, just after.
Did a Speed/Stride session today for 7miles. Got into a good rhythm, concentrated on stride pattern, driving forward and pushing right back, lifting up a relaxed foot on recovery. This was done on Great Yarmouth Promanade, so flat and easy to stride. Conditions were warm and tail wind on the way out head wind coming back.
1 Week Sunday to Coventry Lady Godiva 1/2 Marathon, looking for 2hrs exact, running with an old Race Team member (Juke Box Cycling Team) Colin Durrant, and some old friends from 5-a-side Footy from Coventry.

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