Monday, 6 June 2011

Norwich 50 and Rest Recovery

Name: Norwich 50mile Bike Ride
Date:  5 Jun 2011 8:26 am
Distance: 49.4 miles
Elapsed Time:  2:15:34
Avg Speed:  21.9 mph
Max Speed:  35.7 mph
Avg Pace:  02' 45" per mile

Really pleased with my ride this weekend gone, was able to get out on the TT bike and head down and do some good riding.  The knee was still playing up and now also an effect on the ankle, having to ride with a flat foot so will be reviewing the cleats used on my shoes.

2 weeks rest with a bit of recovery of injury and will also start some conditioning and technique for running, also will be doing some swim base session.  I'm actually on holiday ing France but well deserved with family and hopefully recover on knee issues.

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Miguel Andrade said...

Hope you get well soon Simon!