Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Edinburgh Marathon

Well it has been a relaxing 2 weeks, however I have just got over a bit of an inner thigh niggle which came on after the Marshman. Fully recovered and keen to go for this weekend.

Edinburgh Marathon
From the Profile potentially a fast course, it is one of the fastest marathon courses in the world, however let's not get carried away yet. I am looking to achieve something a lot better than my London Marathon 2007 attempt (which was my 1st marathon ever) 4:20hrs. So the plan is to be approaching it from the angle of good pace, good nutrition and negative splits. Negative splits basically means that as I go through the splits, in this case looking at 13.1miles and then the next half, I run the next split faster. So first 1/2 8:00min/mile, second 1/2 7:30min/mile or better. This will bring me in at half way for 1:44:52hr and then the second 13.1 miles 1:38:19hr. Bringing me home in 3:23hr ish, which I will be very happy with.
Let's see how it goes.................... MY RACE NO. 1947
I will be running my GPS tracker device again so keep an eye out for that on Sunday morning click this link............

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