Monday, 15 June 2009

Things not so bad

Well I am still in the hands of Physio, but it is not as bad as I thought it was. Basically I have had a slap on the wrist, should not have done Edinburgh so close to Ironman, and also should have continued with training programme and even done some light training after Edinburgh. Any way have to move on and not ponder over the past, "learn from your experiences" not from your mistakes.

Anyway back in action and back on full programme, this is my last week of full hours of training 16 hrs this week and then I will start my tapering down for 3 weeks. My official Taper is 2 weeks.

The goal of an IM taper to make sure you are physically and mentally ready to execute on race day. Period. Half a second on the bike doesn’t matter when you have T2 and, oh, 26.2 miles to run afterwards.

2 Weeks Out
70% of typical week’s volume. Key Workouts are 2 Bricks, both 90mins bike, 30mins run. Bike should include 3 x 8 at just over goal race effort with 4 min recoveries. Run should be 15 mins out hard, 15 mins back jog. Include 2 open water swims to practice sighting, etc. Consider a massage this week and buy all the extra gear you could ever think you need. Consider taking you bike to the shop to get all cables, gears, chain, brakes, etc., checked.

1 Week Out / Race Week -
50% of typical week’s volume. Swim every day, especially on the course. Bike 2-3 times, with longest ride being 60 mins on the run course to check it out. Run 3-4 times with longest run of 40 mins. All workouts should include 3 to 5 x 30 seconds hard with 2 min recoveries to stay sharp. Focus is on getting all your stuff together, memorizing your race plan, and preparing for potential damage control.

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