Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Feeling good

Last week was my last full week of training, had a good week of plenty of miles, time and effort. 18 miles running 143 miles on the bike and 7km in the pool/lake. Felt tired by the middle of the week but here comes the tapering weeks.

This week starts today having yesterday off, out for 5hrs on bike and 15min run after today, sun sun sun and more sun. Good weather out there. Lake swim tomorrow, Thursday Swim morning, physio afternoon and 90min TT on the bike. Friday swimming morning, 60min Fartlek run evening, Saturday bike to and from work and finally Sunday 2hr endurance run with 30min easy bike. That will complete a 15hr week then it reduces down to 10hrs week 2 taper, then 4hrs for race week.

Slowly but surely I am coming to the end of my 24 week programme, already trying to come up with things to target next. Let's get through the Ironman first. The rest of the Ironman Tri-Anglia club team are in Nice France this weekend 28th June www.roblines.blogspot.com
All the Best Team 10 in total.

Weather forcast Roth, Germany http://weather.weatherbug.co.uk/Germany/Roth-weather/local-forecast/7-day-forecast.html?zcode=z6286&lang_id=en-gb

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