Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Norwich 100 Bike

Another 100 bike session under my belt , however this was a different performance. I don't think I had recovered from my Marathon. I rode with work colleague , Dave does cyclo-x and mountain biking. First 45 miles was good effective riding averaging 19.3mph, not in team time trial format as i was doing most of the work at the front. Stopping at half way "ish" point then carrying on just when the rain started. Norfolk Norfolk Coast has good views but noit in the rain, our group was down to 3 now but soon to 2 as they punctured and got dropped by Dave and myself.

My knees started to go through quite a bit of pain around 60miles so had to stop to try and stretch them out. Pace dropped as I was unable to get an effective pedal strike, dropped into spinning gears and plodded on. Dave dropped me with 10 miles to go and I just found a comfortable position to bring it home.

5:33hrs average 18 mph

Needing to have some rest now and also will need to see the physio to get some treatment on my knees. At the moment the discomfort is coming from just above the patela region, there are a few things it could be but I will wait to see physio and get some sessions in before "I" day (Ironman Day)

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