Thursday, 11 February 2010

New Home, New Training Routes

Well it has "only" taken us 3 months to finally move house, we are now in the Northern suburbs of Norwich and settled but still a few full boxes in the garage.  Training has been on hold quite a bit, through sickness, stress and also due to weather, aswell as my bikes being stored in the garage behind everything else.

My order has gone in for a Powertap rear wheel, which I am renting and will be used in my training.  When people ride a bike they tend to get into an irregular rythym, fast slow fast slow.  With trianing with a Powermeter you get to measure the amount of power being produced by each pedal stroke, once the cyclist has found out their optimal power output they can then train to maintain that over certain periods of time and distance.  Also utilising Heart rate the cyclist can compare power output and amount of effort the body is going through by comparing HR to Power output.

Here are a few run sessions I have done this week......

Run TT
3 miles
6:38 min/mile
19:56 min
 Run City-Home
6.2 miles
8:14 min/mile
51:08 min

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