Saturday, 9 January 2010

2 Days of Gym work

Have been off once again for most of the Christmas and New Year period with no training, had flue for 2 weeks and now back and reasonably well.  The weather has hindered me and I have not been that committed to go running on roads or trail running so done 2 gym sessions.

Session 1.  20min row (5km) and 20min run (5km) Treadmill- cooldown and stretch with core work
Session 2.  10km treadmill run (50 min) - cooldown and stretch for 20min

24th January is the Tri-Anglia Duathlon training session, other than that it will be back into training.  Still in the process of moving house and once this has happened will be changing from Wymondham Gym/Pool back to the UEA Sportspark.

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