Thursday, 2 April 2009

March Totals

Well March has not been good sick twice, it is very difficult to avoid the sickness when a little one is running round snotty nosed. Joel can't be all to blame, I have been doing my British Triathlon Level 2 Coaching course (Club Coach) in Chichester, and on Sun just gone we were in and out of the pool for 3 hrs as we coached and were coached. The weather has been fantastic on the days I have been sick at home.

On Friday 20th March I went down to Adenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge, to their Sports Department where I had a VO2 Max test done on a bike. I am still waiting for my compiled results and will post them when I get them.

So March Totals.............
Swim 2:34 hr 7.1 miles (3000m TT 49:10min)
Bike 7:42 hr 121 miles 122 bpm HR
Run 3:27 hr 23.9 miles 137 bpm HR

My up and coming events in April................
19th April Bungay Black Dog 1/2 Marathon

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