Monday, 20 April 2009

Bungay 1/2 Marathon

What a good weekend, made my way down to Bungay, Suffolk, on Sunday morning with bike and running gear. Decided to do a 2 hr bike before taking part in the Bungay 1/2 Marathon, back to back training (brick session).

Now out on my race bike as only 12 wks to go and need to start tweeking position on my bike and getting used to it. Managed to get 1:45hr covering 30 miles.


1/2 Marathon
A field of 500 people for a start of 1230, by this time the sun was high and hot, yes hot 18C. Just finished my bike session 10 minutes before run start and was feeling good. Took off a bit fast but managed to maintain a good rythme and relxed body position. The first half was a lumpy course and reached the half stage in 41:20min (6.60miles), first 10km 38:40min.

My total time was 1:25:20hr, 6:28 min/mile. average heart rate 165bpm finished 9th out of the 498 finishes. results........

Really happy with my performance for today and now know what i am capable of doing, even at this stage of my training.

What's next?
3 weeks of straight training, 10th May is the Suffolk 100mile Bike Ride, then a week later 17th May I have my first Triathlon of the session Middle Distance (70.3 Ironman) Marshman in Lydd Kent.

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