Tuesday, 13 July 2010

1 Week to IM Lake Placid

The past few weeks have been a mix of training and racing, finally recovered from my crash over in Seychelles at the Mid Year tour.  My swimming has taken a back seat with the lack of disciplin and my work shifts clashing with time for Lake sessions.  Biking has been really good getting in some good long rides and also combination of 1-2hr TT's with 2hr runs off the bike. 

Norwich Tri was my last race before IM LP,  a hot day ahead and having trained the bike course I felt I was on for a good finishing time.  The swim was long after a 26min swim (very long 1700m), I struggled to get the bike going slight head wind 61min and as for the run well this was good for me as IM training with distance, run should have been 10km but it was 11.5km I took 47min.  Finishing in 2:16hr, a whole 13min longer than Fritton lake.  I came 4th overall for Norwich.

Recovered well and continued training, now with only a week until I depart to New York I have decided not to Taper but just tick over as I have not hit the 17hrs /week of training more like 10-12hr and then the last week I will reduce down to 3-4hrs with very short sessions.

They have changed the Bike course for IM LP, but for the better as they have taken out a hill, but it is still going to be challenging.

The Run course is one of the toughest hilly courses on the IM circuit but looking forward to it.

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