Friday, 10 July 2009

Now ready to go

Today was a long day, had a 20min swim in the Canal this morning, very warm water. Sun has been out most of the day, a few showers here and there. Came back to hotel for breakfast, none of of the local produce just safe oats, fruit and yoghurt. Will take some trusty Jordans museli to breakie tomorrow.

Drive the bike course was the main task for the day, being a 2 lap 180km bike course we managed to get round atleast 60km of the course. The bit with the short sharp hills in it and one section with a very fast and technical descent, and i mean fast. The hay bails are out on the 4 hairpin bends and just to remember it is 2 laps of all of this. Stopped and had lunch at bakery in afternoon, not bad food nothing special.
This evening I went down to Roth, the Triathlon Expo and purchased some last minute items. Also attened the Pasta party, where i mananged to meet with one of my earlier Triathlon year heroes, the man known as "Hell on Wheels" Thomas Hellriegel. Wow that felt great, inspirering.
This afternoon I had a phone call from Radio Norfolk to give an interview for Drive time, was able to push the justgiving site and the 2 charities a push in the interview.
Tomorrow will be a day of swim in morning and then i am going to take my bike to Roth to try and get the chain and gears cleaned up ( they are all dirty from being on the back of the car travelling down), back for breakfast. Sort kit out and bags for transition, chill relax and then go to Hispoltein Swim start finish/T1/bike start to drop bike and kit bags off for saturday night. Have main meal at lunch and drink water through the day. Dinner will be early and try and chill for wake at 0400 on Sunday.


running_marcus said...

congrats! you are an Ironman now !!
recover decently and enjoy the rest of your season!
your hotel mate Marcus from Germany

running_marcus said...

I'll return to Roth in 2010.
goal:swim 5 min faster (should be easy to achieve)and run better (30min) that will be the hardest part. Will you return to Roth in 2010 as well?